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Thursday, November 24, 2005

Happy Birthday, Edward

Rough month. Rough week. Rough night at work.

Thought everything was smooth. So it was not. Puffy eyes, think the whole world saw me crying.

Saw Jared, Ivy, Crystal, Rel, another Crystal, Wei Hao and Vincent. Then i got depressed i wouldnt party with them. Outlet Manager bought us a tray of Apple shooters though..shared it with those colleagues on off. =) They were forcing me to drink with them. Still got red in the face after downing glasses of water. Hurh. A pity it was Teck Chong's last night there. =/

My Lesley's back in town! Can't wait to see her in school on Friday! Welcome home sweetie! =)

Shopping, manicure, dinner then clubbing at DblO with Christie, Melissa and Zouk colleagues. Busy week.

Didnt get to celebrate the last 2 years of ya birthday with you properly. Hopefully this year will be a different one. Many happy returns Edward. =) You've a place in my heart. Love-love!

Angele -> heh. like what u see babe?

Zihui -> darling, deleted ur post for safety reasons. never put ur hp number online yea. saved it. haha...seeya real soon!!