MMS Friends

Friday, November 25, 2005

Making out, sex and what-nots.

Met Christie for dinner with Melissa after my manicure. I've got yellow nails! It's been so long since we last got 3 years! A pity Cheryl couldnt join us, but soon..this Saturday my bestie's returning from Melbourne!! =)

Was the first one down at Dbl O with Christie after some window shopping. Oh my goodness..i drank like 2 graveyards, 1 jug of Vodka Ribena, 1 Tequila shot and downed many champaign glasses. Couldnt take it?? Think i got high like twice in the night. Had to go out for a breather before getting in to dance again. Crystal, Wei Hao, Rel, Cheryl, Diana, Robert from Zouk came down and partied with me! =) Followed by Marcus whom was mistaken first as a gay and next my boyfriend. A pity Eunice was underage and couldnt get into the club!! Aarghs??!!! I swear i wasnt drunk. Prolly a mild hangover, headache and the whole wanting-to-throw-up feeling. At least i didnt misbehave. O_o Christie left by the time i re-entered. Wonder if she's alright.

Havent danced like this for a damn long time. When i saw the empty glasses, i had this urge to clear them. Occupation hazzard. Haha.

And so, unglam and shameless stuff happened in the club (as usual). Blame the alcohol, cigars and lightings. Sometimes, people should stop acting drunk when they're not. Kinda disgusted, really.

Enjoy the photos sweetie!