MMS Friends

Monday, May 29, 2006

C'on over, C'on baby

Woke up early for SingNet training. Angele and I got sleepy every hour. Haha. Was good, picked up required skills fast and Charel was a friendly and awesome trainer!

I saw my ex-supervisor, Wendy at SingTel. Haha, she recognised me. Hooot! (:

Slups...i heart the tofu in my lunch bowl! Hmm..rare statement. Ha.

On a serious note, its gonna be a tiring and busy week for me. Strength, will need you then.

Alrights. Those photos which i am suppose to post up a couple of days ago. Enjoy.

Jerr -> and thats jerrome trying to act cute!! i assume you're always trying to judge me. buzz off you little monster! haha.