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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

I'm growing up

Footshopping took 10 days this time. impressed by their efficiency really. Which means my 4th batch will take around the same length of time? The 1st and 2nd batch came on the 13th day.

Can't wait to distribute em'. Haha, nope! None's mine (: But i'm happy helping friends order.

God bless me, i so needa focus.

Hung out with Angele and Jerrome at Macs yesterday. Dunno if it was fruitful but im pretty sure i accomplished much more as compared to reading alone at home. O_o

In the end, you still chose to hang me up..

Peichin -> welcome for the picas! im the only one who utilises the camera when we go out anyway. haha, infront of the mirror mostly. Sleepover!! can't wait (: take care, we can cheer each other up on the 4th -hugs