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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Last 50metres

Mac-ed with Angele for 10hours today. Gosh, we were like hard-core students! No lar..haha..but at least we were focused today. Very focused.

After tmr.......
  • Meet Melly and Dine in town for dinner/catching up.
  • job training/work.
  • celebrate Dadee's 50th bday.
  • do my thang! got a list of to-dos.
Saw Victoria junior (again) and Peichin. Looking pretty eh! See, cast all your cares unto the Lord and live for yourself (:

The Macdonald guy is so cute. He was so humble and polite..even saw him BOWING goodbye to the customers!! I like him!! Haha..maybe coz he's so different from me. Like bashful and (:

E.L.F. came today. Don't want anymore outbreaks though. Where's moi Purelux?

Love ya dirtyboy. *grins* Be good!!

Lilypie is inspired by Liyu dear. We share the same month. Haha, dont wanna touch 2!!! *pouts*