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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Let's get Loud

Yesterday, dirtyboy dropped by close to midnight. Admit i was really tired and the attention wasnt exactly there. But i listened with my 'heart' sweets. =/ Hope i didnt get you all disappointed. The hug you gave me...i dunno...but it felt different...makes me feel like cherishing it and hoping time stood still then (:

Went shoppin' with Faith today. Highlight wasn't shopping actually, it was the amt of food we ate. Haha. Yums!

Anyhows, Garcon dress $73 (????!!!!!). Gotta've!! But why is the bust/boobs/chest area so loose on me?? Not that i'm very flat. Haha. Looks like i gotta give it a miss ='(

Saw the Singapore Water Polo guys on the 'postcard'. Haha, all the cuties...and Derek of course.

Tsk, Nurul, Geraldine and Joakim looking good on Singapore Idol poster! Gees, both're my idols already. Haha.

Just met Tirene for a while. Miss ya!! (:

My entire post sounds like im narrating my day. Or rather im listing out random stuff floating in my brain. (Garbage Can Theory?!) My entire blog in fact. Hurhs. Whatever, im not here to make it look like its a great blog. Peace out.

Shuyun -> haha, seeya tmr and on sat babe! its gonna be great working tgt with ya!

Sheryldine -> yes, time for some tai-tai outing! Hoottt!

Melly -> looks like sentosa's off and i can sleep in! ya work well love (: