MMS Friends

Saturday, June 17, 2006

And also with you

I really hate seeing my friend this way. =/ We're not exactly close close, but we did share moments on bus rides or gatherings.

Speedy recovery my friend. God be with you.


Family's home!! Emily sis bought many many Adidas products. Faux of course. Haha. Tsk. And Mom got my Baileys! Funniest was when Mom told us that Dadee got molested by the women in the shop and Dadee happily let himself get molested. Not only that. This pretty woman forget to latch the airplane toilet door and Dadee got a shock seeing her pee. Haha. When i asked what he saw, he laughed and replied that he cannot tell me. *grins* Hilarious please!

PS: I learnt much about the 'cu ci tunnel'. Amazing i tell ya. Aint history just wonderful?? =) Haha. Whatever.


Feeling damn weird these days. Wish i've a job. A job i love, just to keep me occupied till school reopens.

CJS -> hahaha...what?? i havent been shopping kay!! You better motivate urself too!! Haha, will save up and come to Melbourne. Give me a place to sleep in. Haha.

Amanda -> those aint mine. Haha..people ordered and im distributing them! Yippy.