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Monday, July 24, 2006

20 years

The 1st second of my birthday was spent on the train ride home with Tirene. And i bumped into Eunice on the bus-ride home too. I'll update the list later. But according to the time of sms/msn greetings, a big thank you to:

Cheryl, Angele, Pauline, Peichin, Faith, Rushdy, Gracie, Zihui, Melissa, Luke, Mingwei, Yaosheng, Serene, Zhiqiang, Jenalyn, Colin, Sa'edah, Jie Sheng, Liyu, Sheryldine, Xiumei, Amanda. =)

Family as priority, I wanna thank my Mummy for the dinner treat and for all her love and effort, sweat, blood in bringing me to this world (pun unintended pls). Dadee for his huge fat red packet and words of wisdom/encouragement, Godma for her unconditional love and red packet. Emily sis and Eliza sis for picking up my receipts on things i want. Haha. I love them all very much. I love my family! *grins*

Today was Dragon Gate Restaurant for buffet with the 7 childrenofhougang. Ended up with mild rashes when i got home. X_x Thank you for gracing the occasion. =) I ate till i couldnt move. Haha. Congee was my favourite alongside with the fried dumplings.

Thank you to everyone else whom i've missed out. Hopefully not. O_o

Special thanks to:

Chris - for surprising me with ur debit card. my goodness, bestest gift from a friend this year. a pair of nike limited edition dunks. i love it. but i love you more. thank you. and thank you for understanding how i was feeling this morning about wanting to cancel the gathering. just thankful for having you as a good friend! =) i already wrote a long post for you 2 days ago to show my appreciation. hurhs.

Luke - for the belgium chocolates. yummy. my fav kinda chocolate! i prefer the ice-cream actually. haha. all the lame stories about cyberchat and LKY. thanks thanks thanks!!

Amy - for the card and sharing everything u've experienced from tibet with me (us). mostly imptly, thanks for coming down. u're sucha friend! sorry to rob u from ur mother. haha.

Edward - for the cheesecake which i thought it was too sweet. nonetheleast, u made it yourself and im appreciative of ur gesture. =)

Faith - for coming all the way down after 10pm just to pass me an envelope with the precious stickers and bookscraping voucher which we're gonna attend tgt! i love you larh!! *grins* sucha darling.. =)

Jenalyn - for the chance to know you and weiqi better. for the sms which touched my heart in a way. God has paved a way for us to bond during the job. im really thankful for that. Bless u too sweets. =) thank weiqi for the well wishes too.

Pauline, Kimmy, Peichin, Faith, Shuming, Edward, Chris, Luke, Tirene, Amy and Mingwei for coming out to dine and celebrate this special day with me. Memories will be etched in my mind forever, so will our friendship last forever! Loves!

Baby Y - for ur love love and more love. I'm on cloud9! *muacks*

Pictures of celebration here!