MMS Friends

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Banana with Green Apple

Shopped, talked, laughed, lunched, walked, tired, loved and had fun.

Thank you for the Oreo Cheesecake and candle at Anderson Ice-Cream Peichin dear. =) Happie Brownie wasnt that bad either. Thank you Faith for being the faithful photographer of this mini advance celebration! Haha, i love the candle-blowing and make-your-wish moment!

But it aint very romantic sharing ghostly encounters at a ice-cream parlour. O_o

Just really blessed having these 2 girlies with me today. *grins* Loves ya all heaps!!

Other rants:

I love that GG>5 white dress, but it looks like pj's on me isnt it?

Must have the COACH wristlet, can't keep my eyes off it. And saw a pretty similar though different texture one from Kokon Tozai. Realised i dont have a decent wallet!!! Oh yes.

Why Novo don't've my size!!!! I hardly fall in love with pumps!!!! *grunts*

The long overdued SingTel picture of me and Jenalyn at work (slacking and photo-whoring). Of course Weiqi being our photographer. Haha.

CJS -> just dont forget me.. =) u're missed muchly.

Melly -> goodness, excited my foot. disgusting pls? i seeing u soon?? we havent met for 2 weeks!! *pout*