MMS Friends

Tuesday, July 25, 2006


Cheryl said minimum wage for any job in Melbourne is AU$15.

I'm so gonna work there. *curses*

Nobody remembered. I shouldn't've been there. Singing bday song to my girlfriend who's bday is like 3 days away. When my bday is 3 hours away. How dumb. Wasted my time and money. But at least someone was happier than i am. That's impt aint it?

Yes, I do mind. But its over. So dont ever bring it up to me again.

Happy birthday to Tirene and Tisha!

And to Dennis and Shuyun, thank you for the belated wishes.

I'm actually afraid. Afraid of my future. Whether i'll be successful and hold a job which pays well enough. Anxiety. My heart aches.

Melly -> hee, i keep calling you lar. but u're busy so..haha. yes, gym please. needa work out. haha. thursday's plan?

CJS -> im chatting with you right now. haha. u're having more life than im having. sucks, i wanna leave spore!! *whines*

Shuyun -> hmmm O_o