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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Do u know ur nos?

Caught Date Movie (boring pls) and Art of Seduction (for the 4th time) with baybeeboy last weekend.

Completed Pink Panther and Spirited Away today. Been left on the shelf since Fifa World Cup. I like Clouseau's accent. Hamburger! (:

SingTel work assignment with Faith for the next 4 days. Our job is to count the 60,000+/- HI cards, sitting in the office. Woah. Let's be as accurate as we possible yeah!

Finally the cash to cover the atrocious expenses last week. O_o

I'm bombarded with dates. And i cannot stick to them. Sorry, i'll try to squeeze everyone in before my term starts. But don't worry Jenn/Faith, yours' fixed! haha.

Back to accounting and marketing readings!

Shuyun -> its okie. its over! hurhs.

Esta -> exactly. what're u busy with? haha. flu?? i just got well frm it after passing it to a friend. take care yea. catch up with us soon pls!! PS: i still wanna dine at ur place with liyu!! haha. u're missed. *hugs*

Amanda -> sigh. national day's coming. lets sing some nation songs. haha.

CJS -> i wish i can get out of here. no, i wish i didnt exist. so many problems to see to. i'll go aussie work with ya. haha. bleah, single's good. haha. i'll fill in the gap if u're lonely! =)

Melly -> ermm..i'll be working tmr. so i guess the outing is cancelled!! haha. gym, cant make it. work starts at 9am. SingTel's paying me $8/hr. Cannot miss it for the world. Haha.