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Friday, July 28, 2006

Gurkha Contingent

National Healthcare Group sent me a reminder for my TTSH bill when its not even a month from the date i was admitted. Crazy. Anyways, Mom took care of the bill. Haha.

And so, i counted 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10. Totally on repeat mode. Hit me with the numbers man!! Haha, 49,000 and counting. Estimated about 140,000 and so we still've plenty to go through for the next 4 days (with a few days of break in between)! But $8/hr is kinda worth it with Faith around. Colleagues in the office are friendly too.

Of course we grew sick and tired of looking at the 'sea of red'. But what to do. Good pay for a no-brainer job. Haha.

We really sat there, counted 1 - 10 all over again and again till we finished 49,000 in 2 days. Thought it'll be over once we finish the 72,000 on Monday..till we received news that there'll be another 70,000 coming in next Friday. Faints.

No, we decided it'll be dumb to count every single one of them. So we counted the first 50 and for the rest, we make sure its levelled with the model pack of 50. Haha, smart right! Save time, except we can't be 100% sure if there'll any defects lying in the packs.

I case you're wondering what're we counting, its the SingTel $20 topup Hi! cards with the KFC/Kamala promotion, which ended on 23rd July. Its an important job because the numbers we give SingTel will be the amount they pay KFC/Kamala. Woah.

Is your burden heavy or heavy? O_o

Faith -> im seeing you more than anyone else!! haha..gesh, i LOVE ur comment!!!! haha. =)