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Monday, July 03, 2006

Long Monday; Long Island Tea

I had chinese salad and teh-peng for breakfast with Pauline. And so whats chinese salad right?

Its a special mixture of 2 different types of veggies, stir-fried. Yums!

Then it was PepperLunch for lunch (!!) and KFC for dinner.

Goodness gracious! O_o

La Senza opened at plaza singapura!!!!

PLMGS 90 hour moosik marathon ended at 1pm today. Atmosphere was...amazing!

Long long day. Really tired. Enjoy some pictures below!

Liyu -> Heya!! haha..hope all's well! (: Send u the pictures when i do see ya online alrights?? And so, thursday u free to meet us?? I'm sick of contacting the rest so..haha.