MMS Friends

Friday, July 21, 2006

Papaya with Green Apple

Living in the same household with 4 other ladies can be extremely tough. Esp during PMS. My goodness, enough to make me blow my top. Grr...!

Dadee spoke to us during dinner today. On how to be accomodating, giving chances and how to listen with an open heart. =)

Yesternight's family dinner was awesome. Great food, excellent service, and of course it wont be as heart-warming without people who're closest to my heart dining with me. Yay, got my b&j's Chubby Hubby!! Couldnt find Fossil Fuel though. *pout*

Rant No.1: Blood donation pamphlet . Not that i dont want to donate. I can't. Not when i weigh 39.7kg! If you guys're interested, head on down to Kovan CC yea. =)

Rant No.2: How come Felicia Chin's boobs became larger than normal these days?? Boobie implant or those weird bust serum?? O_o

Peichin -> haha, hows the interview babe?? i realised Faith's hardly in any of our pics..because she's always not feeling well enuff. Haha. *grins* thanks for the cake and company. ilu! (:

Dine -> fab!! next thurs then! hahahaha.

Melly -> tsk, instead of gym, i ended up shopping with chris the entire afternoon!! haha. u go ikea never ask me along! gym gym gym!! next thurs go out with dine too?

CJS -> haha, and you know i dont have that much cash to fly over for a concert/drama/play/musical with ya. Haha. how's everything with *coughs*?? hee.