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Friday, September 08, 2006

5 Forces Model

Haven't send a goodmorning sms to babylove for sometime already. Decided to send one today during marketing lecture and he actually responded to it! =) THAT made my day! Lil' things in life..

I'm like waitin for 7 items which i've purchased online to arrive. Yawns. O_o

The piggy babylove gave me is finally filled with 100 $1 coins. Another 100 to go before i scoot it off to UOB!

In love with this M)phosis top..

Shit man..cannot solve the math questions. Managerial econs is killing me....ahhhh....!! =(

Oh, my lil' sister bought back a hamster found in a drain. Poor sweet lil' thing, we're trying to make it feel better but it seems to be highly traumatize.. can never allow SPCA to put it to sleep!! So, we adopted it and will be calling it smellypits! Haa. Moosie seems like sucha big bully when its put next to that dwarf hamster.

Thanks for the Carls' Jr treat Pauline!! Woah...we shared Portebello Mushroom Combo. So filling!! Faints.

Melly -> hahaha. now im only free on wed and thurs. so gym and all you've to date me. STRIP on oct yup. or rather once another period cycle ends this month. see how. heh. gym? im all for it. recently just got a free membership to fitnessfirst. and california fitness called saying i've won some friend-intro-friend lucky draw and will be entitled to this 7days-trial shit. i wonder which idiotic friend gave my contact w/o informing me. either that or gimmicks. sue cali!!

CJS -> Hey girl! hahaha. how was the experience? cool shit right!! =) wonderful present lar. not cheap ya know! :b

Zihui -> haha, because this year is gonna be tough!! lecturer LOVES me. hahaha. she touches me!!!!!! *hysterical*