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Monday, September 04, 2006

Econs and more Econs

I downed so many cans of red bull. O_o

Still very tired though. Why doesnt it work!

Okie, the croc hunter and turtle thing is so overhyped. We needa get a life. Sorry, im not saying this to offend anyone and definitely not outta disrespect. It amuses me nonetheless.

Managerial Economics. DARN. My lecturer, Sandra, is scaring the shit outta my pants.

She's this cute HongKong tomboyish lecturer i had for Economics year1. And, she held my hand and waist today. Can you believe it?? Omg, im so dying outta heart-attack.

And to add, she's gotta really smooth hands! I like!

Alright, i admire her. But it'll be a bonus if she really likes me. Haa! Too kidding!!!!!! Grins. =b

Rah. Work at Serangoon Plaza was crazy. Their blanglah accent sounds like $^%&"%$&%$" to me and the blardy sun burnt my laptop i had so much problem looking whats on the screen. Overall, without those colleagues, i would've died! $72 for 9 hours of work, prolly 7 hours was spent slacking.

That Ann, please stop the low-rise jeans shit please. It's ok if your undies show a little. But with 2 pubic hair sticking out??! Curses.

Melly -> muahaha, i love papaya with green apple juice & orange with carrot juice. Yums!! yea, ur mom said she was packing it back for u all. haha. but doesnt it taste nicer when u dine at the hawker?? =)

Angele -> you can have my singtel job. non-stop-hits. im going nuts. how wonderful, the next 3 months every sunday, its given to singtel. puuuui!! =(