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Saturday, September 02, 2006

Legs breakin'

Busy day.

Breakfast with Eliza sis and Mommy. Our fav wantonmee, fav halfboiledegg and milomixedwithkopisi.

Got my results from school after that. Because i was so nervous, i nearly vomitted on the train to Dhoby Ghaut. Passed all but not too good i think. Well, it certainly didnt hit the 1st-class honours grade. O_o

Monday is a brand new start. I must must study hard.

Met Mommy again at Star Secrets. Colin was really nice! He -$30 off the initial price for my Mom's facial. Haha, aint my old man awesome! =)

While i was having my facial done, Viz helped me do a full french-manicure. Really love it! Of course June and Jinette the usual, helped me with this and that.

Colin came just as i was about to go for late lunch with Mom at Chinatown. I played with his girlgirl before leaving. His doggie is so so cute!! See ya next wekeend k!

Okie, pardon that scary pic. Haa, took it for fun!

I heart Star Secrets! (:

Caught up with Chris in town. Walked all over to hunt for scrapbook materials and his BraunBuffel wallet..we've a fussy shopper. Grins. Sorry, i know its a darn late birthday present. Haha, none the least, better late than never!

BB boutique wrapped it up so beautifully. Haha, with elegance and class! Felt good walking in and outta the shop. Hurhs.

Hope you like it woman!

The n73 belonged to me for 5 days before i sold it away. Wanted to use the money and be a proud owner of n72. But i've decided against it. I rather save the hundreds up.

Anybody wants to go 2D 1N KL for $91 weekday??