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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Shop No More

v8 is a wonderful cosy restaurant with many waiters/waitress fighting to clear your plates. O_o

Dinner and catchup session yesternight with Faith, Peichin and Jenalyn was great. You girls're such dolls!! (:

I've too many new clothings. Scary. No more shopping! Don't tempt me.

Tunics: Bought 6 in a month's time. Gees.
Dresses: Additional 5 to the other 3. Pretty!

Gonna clear more clothes i hardly wear. Sell sell sell!!

No school today and tmr. Finally a chance to take a breather. Friday's Bioskin and Jenn's date after school.

Shall not rant about babyboy. Rah. But we made up. That goose.

Kimmy -> hahaha. its not fat!

Jas -> your piggy died?? hahaha. I think my hamster has water retention. O_o

Shuyun/Nana -> really no link lor!!! wahahaha.