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Monday, October 16, 2006

Diwali Countdown

Nasty haze!

The 3 types of medication i'm taking is making me (triple) drowsy.

I hate the blocked ears, i hate the coughing fit. Its so hard to breathe!! Esp when i've a history of asthma since i was an infant.

This week is gonna be hectic:

Friday's gathering at Indran's.
18 hours of work in total on Saturday and Sunday.
Colin's advanced birthday celebration after work on Saturday. Bet i'll be too tired to head down after 10pm. Sigh.
A macroeconomics class quiz on following Monday.

And i've so many new-grown acne on my left cheek. Grr...!!

Just cleared 3 batches of American Eagle spreers. Met up with 9 of the sprees. Must comment that most were good-looking babes and hunks. Haa. 1 more batch to go!

I'm itching to shop. Well, im proud to say i havent shopped in 16 days! O_o

PLMGS 90th anniversary dinner at Neptune Restaurant last saturday with family and Godma. I think im the only one from 2002 batch. Haa. Food was alright, presentation was good enough. Not too draggy nor boring. But i didnt go socialise with my teachers. Glad to see some of my perfect juniors though. =)

I thankyou for acknowledging my efforts and all. But other than feeling that im much appreciated, i can't help but feel something's lacking. And i cried myself to bed after you left. ='(

Zihui -> because you didnt go with me. hahahaha. let's catch up soon babe. find a date sometime in december?

Jas -> haha, have never been interested in getting sticky by the beach with thousands of people!! you'll be working?? i miss teasing oliver..haha..wanna go back work for zoooouk!!! i keep eating mooncake and chiken until im sick. haha, no la!! its the haze!!! X_x

CJS -> hope to get better soon. i hate coughing. at night in the day in the toilet during lecture when im online when im breathing..oh good Lord...pray for me bestie. hmm...u coming back?? haha, i'll only be available in dec after exams!! whines.