MMS Friends

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

I love holidays!

Last friday was Deepavali gathering at Indran's place. I love hanging out with this bunch of arts people!!

Tirene, Rachel, Jah, Shuming, Edward, Luke, Marcus the squirt, Ms Thiang and Shuying. Sorry i have to leave before you arrive because parents were waiting at the gate! =/

But thanks for being a good host, food was awesome, b&j's icecream, great company, what else can i ask for! (:

And thankyou Shu. For that cute novelty candy. Babylove saw it and ate all 11 chocolate dicks though. O_o

Saturday was doublepay at work. Was a slack day so, easy money! Junior's last day with us on Sunday though. One less person to tease me. =b

Hari Raya hols yesterday was spent with Chris, Melly and Dine.

Check out Vivocity with woman. Darn sad the place was packed. Swamped with toddlers and families too. I keep having to look down on the floor to see if im tripping over any 'less-then-two-metres-tall' infant. Kinda nauseous after walking the 1st level. But i'll go back there in December.

Next stop was Bugis with Melly and Dine. I love my girls! Wonderful evening (though Dine came late)! Shopped at the mall, Icon Building, Bugis Street and had a long chat at Mos Burger. My goodness, can't wait for next saturday??? We've planned for a STRIP! session, visitin of Berry the puppy and raiding Dine's place for clothes! Haa. Gotta take more pics then (:

Zihui -> hahaha. hello! u did quite well for promos (i heard). haha. thats good! so meetup soon in december??

Jas -> ew..that cheena fong barmaid ar. i dont really like her but okie, good for her she's getting married. haha.

CJS -> u called me darling?? darn, sorry i wasnt home!! =/ hows final year examination prep going on?? i miss u (: