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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

If I can have 3 wishes...

Monday late for lecture.
Tuesday late for lecture.

I needa be more disciplined!

Anyways, did you know that a good pair of heels can raise buttocks as much as 25%?? Wow. This month's HER WORLD is certainly enlightening. O_o

Mr Eric Hui (otherwise known as MrSexxxyButt to me) has won some Caring Award. He's truely one of the most caring teacher around. I smsed him and he thanked me for the affirmation. How sweet! And thanks for bringing me the news, Edward. =)

Cheryl showed me photos of her eye-candy. Also from Vietnam. Darn, i think he'll make a good boyfriend and husband. I wish i know him!! Haha. First time we share the same taste huh! Sigh, think i better go admire my viet eye-candy in class instead. Haha. This paragraph is purely for entertainment.

Wanna go watch all my pirated DVDs. But i can't find time!

Managerial Economics, so far so good. Except tutes getting on the tough side.
Macroeconomics, getting lost already.
Accounting and Marketing, so far so good.

Yes, i need to work hard.

New maid (Melba) arrived last Friday. I think she responds well to me. Good. Haa. She's only 23! Well, at least some normalcy for my family! But i feel so guilty, for not being nicer to Jacq before she left. I just dunno how to, or cant bring myself to. 2 years certainly pass like a lightning.

CJS -> haha, i dont like to tell babyboy i have eye-candies because it will just bring us problem. Best solution is to shuddup. hahahahahahaha. miss u lar...!!!!!!!! (: