MMS Friends

Friday, October 20, 2006


Busted $39 on a wallet from Aztec Rose. Its a vintage greenish wallet. Love at first sight! (:

Shopping after school was a rush affair with lil' sis, because i feel darn short-breath today. Anyways, still very happy with what i have got. Beats the pink wallet. X_x

Headache man. Just closed another AE spree with 24 people in it, 48 different items, mounting to SGD1000. Gees, my largest AE spree. But i don't've to worry till items arrive! Haa.

Double pay tmr. Which means $16/hr. Grins.

End of sms-coldwar with babylove. We chatted yesterday at 2.23am. I really dont understand why im in love with you. You must have put a spell on me back in college!! =b

Sheryldine -> you cancelled on me for your boyfriend...some friend! ='( anyways, seeya soon k!! hahaha.

Melly -> hahaha, i can really stretch every single dollar when im shopping lar. good stuff at reasonable price! timing's just right, i can go STRIP with you early next month!! ooo...say until like that, i think i can downgrade to kids' wear department? how's work at dadee's babe??

Jas -> hahaha, the lau_jiao(s) confirm wont leave zouk one. they get promoted mah. hahahaha, why renee work and quit so fast? heh. i havent seen u for so long. after the haze is gone, we go sentosa?? make it dec!! =))