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Sunday, October 29, 2006

Trick or Treat?

Went for Beyond Basics scrapbook class at MadewithLove on Friday. 230pm to 805pm. Oh my goodness. Went nuts trying to complete 2 pages. But i had fun with Kelly the teacher and the 3 other 'students'! Haa. Hot chocolate was served and the assistants were really friendly. Most importantly, i learnt how to ink, sand and stitch! It's a whole new level as compared to Just getting Started. I wanna try the Shabby Chic 2 class in December! Faith!!

Now that i'm equipped with better knowledge, I can make Colin his 44th birthday gift. Went to shop at SDU, picked out a 8"x8" shadow box, 3 patterned papers, 1 cardstock, gluedots, 3D dots, sliders to complete his gift. Which is in 3 frikkin days. Omfg, rush work again.

Met Woman at cityhall (my all-time fav shopping partner), went to shop at Marina Square and Suntec. Dinner at Foodcourt was awesome, scenery was gorgeous, hearty appetite...i dig that duck meat!! (:

Bought a pair of jeans from Buffalo David Bitton. 40% off, couldn't resist it. I hope it'll last longer than my 2 pairs from Levis'. My biggest buy of the month. O_o

Gotta get on with homework and complete Colin's scrap-page. And i've work tmr plus a long day at school on Monday. Darn.

Esta -> talking about stress working against time. =( anyways, i really love that pair. but gotta control man..for a pair of slip-in, its just to darn ex. right! how're u girl!! wanna raid ya place with liyu again!

Naz -> hahaha, i actually contemplated using S.M.S. lah..haha, but thot its so cheesy. =p only u can think of something so 'creative'. HAHAHA. miss u babe!

Melly -> dont worry about the birks. hahaha, dont think im getting a pair till next year. blame it on the 40% display outside buffalo. haa.