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Saturday, November 04, 2006

Low tolerant for PAIN

I've got so much body heat!! Can't stand it!! June was nice to buy me American Ginsheng Tea to help me rid some of the internal heat . =) Can't stand my heaty body!! Args.

Met babylove for movie in the afternoon. Death Note was actually quite funny (quite boring repeating the heart attacks on different people) and yea, we like the God of Death ALOT! Haa. Babylove couldnt stop gushing at how cute that animated creature was. O_o Sad to say it was a pretty hostile week for us, but we managed to make it a great date. Since we meet once or twice a week only, cherishing the time spent together is better than making it a pouting contest. Love you honey! I'll be ya good baby k! (:

Met Melly for brazilian at FEP since we'll be hitting the beach tmr. We tried a new salon. Normally we're happy with STRIP. Wrong wrong wrong. Sweet child, my tender skin! It was frikkin' painful! Even after i showered with cold water. And can i please comment that i had a hard time removing the oil! Darn. I'm sticking to STRIP next month. O_o

Wenta Bugis after that for dinner (my yummy thai noodle) and some street-shopping. Thanks for companying me there girl (: Got the reddish dress at $39. I guess its a reasonable price, i've stretched every dollar i've already. Of course they're still profitting from it. But getting a satin dress at 39 buckeroos is kinda affordable. Bugis' almost a shopping heaven for me. Oh well, at least sporadically!

The jeans from Buffalo David Bitton. Hmm...beginning to think the wash is so uber distressed. Only nice under dim lightings! =/

And thats a photo of me at Beyond Basics; MadewithLove scrapbook class last month. I forgot their names but thats Kelly the teacher behind me! (: Gotta attend her Shabby Chic 2 class next month!!! Faith!!!

Amandeep -> heya girl. hahahaha. thanks! might be the lighting which made the dress nice. Its from bugis (: damn, moorthy is still at India. We're already behind by 2 marketing classes!!!! =( EXAMS!!