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Friday, November 17, 2006

That blardy old woman

Was careful not to step on any snails that night. They can really crawl. Approximately 20cm in 10mins. Haa.

Got harressed on bus 70 by some old woman who creeped up to me and wouldnt stop hurling hokkien curses at me and every other passenger present (3 others to be exact). I'm thankful the bus captain stopped outside Geylang Police Post and the policemen managed to pull her outta the bus. I was freaked out. She's uber scary! O_o

Glad babylove found my lil' surprise sweet (: you're 21!!! Hurry sneak me into R21 shows!!! Haa.

I'm so tired. And hungry all the time. Was munching non-stop at Faith's place yesterday. Ice-cream, carrotcake, Mamee, biscuits, drinks. Holy cow. I feel fat. Oh yes i do.

Ongoing stomach cramp/aches these days. Must be those junkfood. Grr...!

AE stuff from spree 11 arrived. 1 missing item. I hate it. Because i might end up paying the spreer back outta my own pocket. Darn. Next time i'll profit from it so i can have spare reserves for emergency cases ie. missing items.

Can you believe it. Malls're playing christmas songs already. Holy. I say it every year but im gonna say this again: It's christmas again! (:

Attempted to shop on my own today. Unsuccessful. Couldnt get my size. Else i cant decide on the item. So, i've just saved my allowance for this week! *skips around*