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Friday, November 10, 2006

Wonderful Week

Outing was so much fun yesterday with my girlies! B&J's for ice-cream, rushed shopping and photo-whoring!! You girls're such dolls!! I couldnt ask for more..except that we must must meet out next week!! Enjoy your trip to Japan Melly! And to Dine, you're turning 20!!! Wahahahaha! I heart the both of you! (:

Finally caught up with Lesley, not for long but im so so so so so happy to meet you after half a year! This girl can really disappear to Philippines for 6 months pls! Haa. I'm sorry you've to see me half naked during the 1st date. O_o December k! (:

It was 'The Prestige' with babylove today after school. Awesome movie! And he wouldnt stop boasting at his marvellous choice of movie. =b Yeahyeah. The usuals...exchanged goodbye kisses and im left with nothing but sweet memories of our day (:

Oooo....Liyu babe just left!! She came to collect the AE stuff. Haha, thanks for the card and EGGIETAUHUI!! Omg...delicious!!!! -hugs- After exams we've got to catch up!! Its always me, dine and melly!! We need more soul loving! (:

Melly -> hahahahahaha, now everything's under my influence. be dress-obsessed today!!!

Zihui -> haha, okie, i'll contact u after my exams. oh oh oh im not a spendthrift spending but im also saving and working!! =p i did my balance sheet. Haa!

Shu -> BALI!!!!!!!! whats the accessories package all about? so $393 is good? no free engraving leh..gotta get it before november ends. UOB rocks my socks!! (: