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Wednesday, November 08, 2006


I know its still too early to shop for CNY07' clothes but guess what. I've bought 2 pieces already! O_o And im loving them. Haa. Mom gave us a budget of $150 (pretty reasonable i think).

Been searching high and low for kimono belts like these. Decided to get Cheryl's help for the SUPRE one and i've ordered a satin one from Victoria Secrets. Hope it fits. So pretty! (:

Yesterday, i went shopping with sisters after school. Was trying hard not to shop because the money in my UOB account is running dry. All emptied into the POSB account. Decided to close my uniplus account and open a campus account. The customer service lady over at greatworldcity shld have advised me on opening a TX account last year!

The day my crazy sister bought a huge chunk of dry ice back from b&j's. Our toiletbowl was 'smoking' for close to an hour. Hahahaha. Hilarious please.

The American Eagle parcels arrived yestermorning. Tedious; sorting out and wrapping the items. I hope to rid all of them before the next parcel arrives next week.

Ipod video 30gb at $393 with free accessories package. I know nuts about gadgets. Can someone advice on whether its gonna be a worth-it buy?

Changing hp next month! *skips aroundd*

Since 2006 is almost ending, i gotta start thinking of new-year resolutions not fulfilled this year. Haha.

Gotta get on with accounting hwk. Draining all my brain-juice pls.