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Friday, February 23, 2007

K-ster [Pauline's 21st]

Me & bday girl (:
Group Photo
She didnt want her cleavage to be exposed. haa.
Last minute decision to grace Pauline's 21st.
Everybody could sing the chinese songs so darn well i was like O_o there. Had to be prompted on almost every chinese word. Haha, but it was a huge improvement since Party World isn't it? At least i sang more than 3 chinese songs. Haha.
Pauline left for her cable car dinner, followed by act-cute Jerrome who went off to study (shit!! im in hot soup for mocks next week!!), then Angele went off for a wake. Me and Jun Jun were the sole survivors after 5 hours.
Haha, then came the funniest part. We sang "12 days of Christmas". OMG!! We were trying so hard to catch our breathe while the stupid cartoon was running. Hahaha! Its definitely the most challenging song of the day!
My favourite song was "Oh Holy Night". Cause can sing in the choral tone. Haha.
Learnt that for karaoke, you cant sing english pop songs. No-go lah. Haha, must have the act-cute tone when you sing Chinese songs (: But of course i cant really do it.
Ate almost a quarter of the CM cake. Shit lor, got spare tire now. Hoho!
Hell of a day (: