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Monday, April 09, 2007

30 days countdown

Monday - Lunch at Cafe Cartel. Their breaded chicken roll is uber salty! =/


Easter buffet was good. Godbro's gf got baptised and yes, they finally announced the engagement in front of all the guests and relatives. Awesome!

And the weirdest part was, the cutest boy in my managerial econs class is my Godbro's nephew. Though he's slightly older than me, i think he's suppose to call me AUNTIE.


Yea, when i saw him at the door of Godma's house, i totally freaked out. But yeah, his mum introduced us officially and we exchanged greetings in school today. Sweet! (:

No, i dont like him. I prefer my vietnam nerdy boyy. Haa.

_ _ i _ h -> haha, thanks for calling yet again (: wanna smell my smellypits? i swear i showered. so, is ur pee in the frozen form? gees.

Peichin -> model for my old clothes (actually they're new) again leh!! haha. thanks ar...exams in exactly a month. gonna keep myself motivated! Let me know when you get good news for ya uni application k!