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Wednesday, April 18, 2007


In love with plaid designs. doopppe. The dress at ness, the mens' berms..woah, sexxxy.

I'm missing out on a lot of good movies. I'll rent the DVDs next time and watch them with a boyfriend. Or girlfriend. Haa.

I'm going nuts soon. Studied with JJ at coffeebean today, did all the cash flow statement questions, had quite a bit of problems. She was the first to solve all though we worked on it together! Hmmpf!!

And so i was stressed right. I had:

1) caesar salad
2) mudpie (the grossest)
3) macwings meal


Duckied -> dont-ed be-ed funny-ed. you've-ed a-ed boyfriend-ed. why-ed do-ed u-ed need-ed me-ed as-ed your-ed sugar-ed mummy-ed?? hahahaha. no-ed- way-ed!!