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Saturday, April 14, 2007

Shopper's Clause

Short circuit yesternight. Darn iron. Was doing my marketing essay when i saw sparks coming from my bedroom (where maid was ironing). Holy cow! Thank goodness our neighbours saved us. Haa.

And so it was Pizza Hut student's meal for lunch on thurs with Pauline & Angele. Yummy! Value for money i guess. Haa. Accounting lecture totally drained my brainjuice.
It was hilarious, when the boy called my lil sister last night. He just entered army and stuff, so getting to make a phone call.. The hp rang and rang. And my sister was like "OMG OMG OMG HOW HOW HOW SHANICE SHANICEEEEE!!!". Err..ya, end of story.
So tuition was a drag today. The boy was attentive and corporative. The girl wants to nap half the time. As for myself, i was yawning away. Kids, not my cup of tea.
But money def is (:
Eunice called me to club last night, it was nearly 1am. Wish i could, but have to be disciplined. Haha. Plus im recovering..
Back to essay writing. I'll be online exactly at 8pm sharp later to check out on INDIESIN's new collection! Haha, dont kill me.
Melly -> nice right!! i thought of you when my friend passed it to me. Haha.
Duckied -> oh hey!! both from TOPSHOP. dress is $66 and puff sleeves with button black top is $25. Haha. Grr, wish someone or something can untempt me from shopping!! Are we going out on a date after our exams? haha.