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Saturday, April 07, 2007

A Walk To Remember

I remember sobbing hard after catching the movie back in 2002 with Cheryl. It was aired on channel 5 this evening, couldnt miss it for the world.

And yes, i ended up in tears again. Cheryl!!!!!! I bet we'll get the same reaction after watching it for the millionth time! Haha. Its awesome dont you think!

you're my only hope..

Can't make this public, but thanks (_ _ i _ h) for calling and cheering me up yesterday. I really appreciate the 30mins. Hee.

Really sucks to be sick at this point of time (cough, weird voice, running nose, asthma). 1 month and 2 days to the start of exams. *Clock starts ticking*

Saw it.
Wanted it.
Threw a tantrum.
Got it.


Zihui -> its not rebonding. just hair treatment. its ya birthday tmr! (:

Duckied -> hello!! haha, my hair still as messy as draco the dragon la. haha. just softer now. all the way for exams k!! (: