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Friday, June 29, 2007

Joe's Jetty

We walked real slow.
Slow shopping i call it.
I got "drunk" so we decided to sit down for some food.
Bumped into Lynn Yang..haha..she's still the same! (:
ZARA sales was a mess. More headache than entering a f21 boutique. Nothing nice at Topshop for me to grab. Couldnt find the stripy bikini i want.
i finished all 6 donuts Woman (thankyou!!) bought back for me at KL. God, im sucha pig. But there's nothing at home for me to snack on while finishing on Season 3 of The OC. I needa work out.
The sleepover at Dine's place last friday. We pigged out on late night Macs right? I woke up losing 1 kg. Weird or weird.
HollisterCo parcel arrived this morning!! Yes, new romper! Very disappointed that the f21 spree got cancelled because i was intending to wear one of the tunics i bought for my bday. DOUBLE SIGH!! :(
melly -> we can stick to plan A now (: seeya tmr evening!
spider 2 -> hahaha. jen replied me that she'll attend my party (: