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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Wing Tai Factory Outlet Sale

Nothing much going on at the factory sales.
But i had a good lunch with lil' sis.
I figured taking pics is the only way to tell if it looks good on me since i was shopping alone. Vote for your favourite! Haha, i kinda like the topshop white butterfly top but its $29 for some flimsy cotton and its almost transparent. Ended up with the green graphic dress from Zara.
An afternoon in town (yesterday):

1) Fossil Leather Nano Cover $28.80
2) F21 tunic/dress $30
3) Topshop tunic/dress $24
4) Zara dress $49.90

I wouldnt consider it a damage to my wallet. I mean GST is gonna be up-ed next month, why not spend now and save later.

Went into Gucci to "visit" the bag i wanna purchase sometime..figured i cant never go wrong with a classic canvas tote. It's all Dine's influence. Haa. Loewe is love (:

Mum has been making dumplings for the past 3 days. And i've been busy feasting on them.

Cold Storage trip with parents after dinner, bummed into Jerrome. Was afraid i recognised the wrong guy so i looked away after calling out to him. He's so slim now please.

Awkward moment, after a decent enough convo, i hurried after my Dad, who was observing the packaged tofus, poking them to make sure they're still soft.

God forbid. Why did the stupid mosquito bite my eyelids of all places. Now i've sore eyes. Time for a nap. Later!

Melly -> sentosa didnt happen did it? haha, see you and dine on thurs (: