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Thursday, July 05, 2007

Dempsey Hill

Pasta Cafe for lunch with Woman. He gave them 5 chris-stars (:

Personally, i think the drink (apple soda) was very refreshing and yes, it helped us got over the silly mistake at Dempsey Road. I swear it was miscommunication!!! O_o
I bought Loco Roco. Finally a new PSP game! (: The shop owner was nice enough to demo the game on her PSP for me. You know me..gadget freak!! HAHA.
PS: is a memory stick really really a must?? hestitant to spend more.
Duckied -> depends if you're willing to meet me at kovan next friday night when i return (:
eLLe -> haha, my silly mistake. thanks for pointing it out. you see, i just had dunkin donuts a couple of days back. haha. do i know you?? (: