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Monday, August 06, 2007

You want politics?

I dont understand why must i put up with people, younger than me at work.

They hurl curses like there's no tmr.
They take smoking breaks every other hour.
They like to order others around.

So this fugly bitch told me and Faith not to go for dinner because "others" went for theirs a moment ago. I asked her who exactly. She said her brother. We went ahead ignoring her words. Ate and came back, guess what. Her fugly brother is still not back. How considerate right, there're 20 others waitin for their turn to bury their heads in the dinner box.

Don't order others around, especially not when your brother takes his time to eat and when you're fugly and when you're younger than me. Period!

Next. It was nearing 10pm, just about 90mins before we end work. Where're the guys? Disappeared. Irresponsible. Left the few at the booth to handle all the registrations while they go wank by the wall. Please, for christ's sake. So this guy passed me a card to register. I told him im not doing any work unless the rest're back at their computers too. Then it'll be fair. At the top of his voice, he said something out of point. I told him not to "touch me", meaning dont pass the cards to me. He stupidly said he didnt touch me. HAHA. stupid fella. Then he raised his voice and asked me for the final time if im taking the card. I replied firmly: I AM NOT DOING IT and that if there's any other matters, get the in charge to speak to me.

He muttered under his breath: CHEEBYE.
Wow, i wondered. Didnt you came out from there??
Guys, you should stop saying CHEEBYE for the slightest cause.

So a moment later, Johnathan came to ask me what happened. I told him everything and yes, i've a reason to go on a strike if the rest are not working too. C'on, we're all paid the same. Why is it some work their guts off while the rest play hard?? Plus, they're guys, younger than me for the record! I have been working with the in charge since day 1 of the roadshow and thankfully he spoke to the bastards after work.

Generation gap. I dont like any of the staff there. Except Gerard and Kavin. Those polytechnic bastards only smoke, curse and joke around.

In the working world, you either fight for your rights or get walked all over by people (younger than you). I'm not gonna sit around and get bullied by those fugs. A pity Gerard left early, if not he'll fcuk those people upside down for me.

Melly -> why's everyone starting school except me? :( haha. now you're busy how to go sentosa??