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Friday, September 21, 2007

Disturbed to the max

I AM SO SAD!!!!!! :(

Moosie, my pet hamster could possibly be dying. And he wont make it till tmr morning. Actually, im not very sure. Unstable condition..

He's bleeding around the left part of his ear. And blood's splattered all over his cage. Oh Lord, i've a weak heart!!!

Thats why Mummy always nag when i bring home a pet. She dont want us to cry over its death. But how not to..
Older sis was asking me why his bladder so bloated. Its actually his testicles. Its so huge because he didnt have a mate (to play, fight or breed) with. Poor baby, dying even before he has the chance to release some semen. Boo, bad time to joke.

Moosie's time is almost up, actually. But i didnt want him to bleed to death or feel any pain, shld he pass on.

Now he looks so weak and thin..cant even bear to take any photos of him.
Moooooooooooooooooooooooooosie!!!!!!! :(
And Grandma's under going an operation now. Sigh. Dadee's not back from hospital. Wonder how's everything. Just wanna sit down and cry over life and death.
You've a sad shanice today. Over & Out.
Kimmy -> sigh..wanted to study, now i cant because im wondering if he'll pull through the night..