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Monday, September 10, 2007

Happy Birthday, Cheryl!

This semester is gonna be a busy one. Exams on the first week December and school starts officially today. I've two and a half months to prepare. Imagine 'stress' creeping up my back right now.

Time-table just changed again. Monday evening, Wednesday and Friday afternoon, Saturday morning :( No good!

Only consolation was that I spoke to a cute lecturer today. She's so butch-tomboyish kinda cute. But im not in any of her class. Boo to that.

And so, i must be very focused and studious for my final year. Else, i might not be paid as high as i wanna earn/spend.

God bless me.


Faith asked me out to shop today. And so we went to Plaza Singapura (nearest school) for shopping. Combat 'monday blues' at MadewithLove. I'm $25 to claiming a Scrapaholic Anonymous card membership. Oh!! And they're finally retailing some decent woodmounted rubber stamps.

I offer card-making services. So you know who to find if u need a decent Hallmark card! Haa.

Chikin wings from Fei Siong was delicious. As you know, Macwings're my favourite..anything with chikin..oh..almost dinner time..

I LOST my nalgene water bottle. SOUL!!!! :(