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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

IKEA tampines

It's my chair!

Buy chair, get her for free.

I'm a dwarf down here!

I was tempted to get my hands on a basin, toilet cabinet, storage boxes, quiltsets, mirrors, chairs, beds, audreyhep portrait. Omg, the list goes on.......
I wanna interior design my own place from scratch next time (:
IKEA burnt a hole in my pocket.
I bought a ratan chair (its way too cute for me to resist), a quilt set and some storage boxes. Sis bought all the school-office-related stuff.
Dying to get the Hemnes mirror. But dunno where to hang!! Frustrated.
As it was 6ish, we couldnt sit down for some swedish meatballs after checkout. Had the $1.70 hotdog & drink before embarking on our journey into the huge warehouse though (:
Can't wait to go back there with parents!
Doreen -> are u close friends with jenalyn? i'll get her permission then pass you her mobile/email k! (: oh yes, how did u come across my blog? i dont remb us being close close..haha..