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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Moosik: Happy Ending (Mika)

Sick :(

Horrible weather. I just wanna bury myself in bed all day long.

Freakonomics, quite a bit to digest. I'm trying to piece together everything i've studied in class..

FK had a chat with me on MSN yesterday. He asked why havent i been online. Truth is i dont like logging on to MSN anymore. So i always 'appear offline' when/if im logged in. Now and then you'll find me really 'online'.

Found a scrapbook course i wanna attend this month at MadeWithLove. Altered Arts!

I shall make a trip to IKEA this week. There's this floral quilt set which i gotta buy (:

Catherine called and said that she's planning a meetup with the Epson guys this afternoon. Then again, what am i suppose to do with a bunch of 19 year olds? Skipping the meetup..

Friday is CoH meetup at White Tangerine (:

Cheryl Song is coming back on October 26th from Melbourne for a short break. She's gonna get it from me.....

I've 3 major birthdays to remember this month: melly, cheryl, esther.

Gotta company my domestic helper to clinic for her checkup soon.

Alright, enough of this random entry.

Doreen -> hello dear! haha i just read ur tag, sorry for being slow!! :( whats your link? let's link up! oh, jenalyn is doing biz degree at NUS (: haha.