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Saturday, September 15, 2007

The Roti Prata House

Midnight madness with Reney & Shu (:

Stepped on the weighing machine. It reads 43kg. I checked for error. Still 43kg. Args. I put on 4 kg in 4 months!!!!! I'm frikkin out. So yes, im gonna exercise and eat more greens.

I had a good laugh while tutoring the kids today. Sister keeps telling me that the brothers like to shower and pee together. Brother told me sister laughs like a boy. Got bored and started playing with brother's ruler, he told me cheekily im very playful. I mean...HAHA!! Had a tough time explaining to sister basic math questions (every week in fact). So i ended up drawing out for her because she didnt have any ice-cream sticks. I ask her things directly off the question and she cannot give me the correct answer. Decided to teach her basic techniques from scratch. Thankfully Brother is much more intelligent and needs little probing/help. Challenging job.

Doubt i'll be working for SingTel the entire month. Gotta be thrifty then. Quite a bit of readings to handle this weekend..

I was thinking about the comments people said to me while walking home today. Maybe i'm really better off spending money on things i like. As compared to giving too much of myself to things which are uncertain. But they always say 'live for the moment'. I hope im living the moment. If there's anything to ask for in this world, i'll choose happiness over health. Right now, life's darn mundane for me. School, work, eat, sleep, telly..

Grandma's hospitalised. Fell down. Operation is needed.