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Thursday, September 06, 2007

A trip down memory lane

PLMGS (primary)

Look up, Lift up!

"Do Everything in Love" (changes to that area)

Eco Garden

Random Classroom (i want chalkboard!)

Many of such murals around the school

"Turtle pond" became Bethany Garden

Where we gathered after recess..

The room you never wanna step in, it smells like crap (Dental Clinic)


Canteen has been beautified with a grand piano in the centre

No more rabbits (more and more concrete) !!

PE room

Music room

Multiplication tables all over the steps O_o

Overlooking PLMGS (secondary) 's roof basketball court

My primary school has changed so much physically.
Psss....they can now grow long hair. Mind you, i had short hair for 10 frikkin years.
But i still remember those days where we brushed our teeth over the drain after recess, "please dont call my name for dental checkup", ballet class, choir practices, track&field training, eco garden, hopscotch, 10cents crabmeat stick, assembly....
These kids are so fortunate!! I'm glad the fund raising money was put to good use actually..
To God be the Glory! (:

Melly -> im ready for IKEA. anytime!! (: 53 goes there but i'll've to walk 800m or so. so sat u can?
Doreen -> haha. relinked you. alrights. awaiting jen's reply so i can pass u her contacts. haha.