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Saturday, September 08, 2007

White Tangerine

woman's macbook (:

We went nuts over UNO & heart attack.

Hall of Fame 1: Indran (he just don't get it. haha.)

Hall of Fame 2: Luke (he's good at losing. haha.)

Hall of Fame 3: Vic (good player, sly look though. haha.)

Hall of Fame 4: Edward (oh lord, masking tape please!)

Hall of Fame 5: Amy (good player! haha.)

Hall of Fame 6: Tirene, she doesnt want her pic here :(
Hall of Fame 7: Shanice (not putting myself here. haha.)
Classic shot. Love em'! (:

The other side of the table (plus amy's fingers. haha.)
CoH is love (:
Note: some children missing (as usual).
3 hours of fun at White Tangerine. We ordered food, talked about Apple products, latest local news, youtubed for dumbblonde video, played UNO and heart attack.
A great start for weekend!
Melly -> no money for new toys. must save save save! haha. awww...dinner plans for this sat is cancelled..all because of you!!! :( KIDDING!! we all know family's more important. haha. seeya soon babe. 12th?