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Monday, October 29, 2007

Show offs ; i hate them

Kinda worried.

Monetary Econs lecturer suck, i know he's trying but we need some serious help with the module. When will the new lecturer arrive!!!

Been struggling with econs, i might just pass out looking at those texts.

Shankar teaches 2 modules and gees, he's as boring as a sheet of white paper. The look on his face..that monotone voice..

Social psy is the best. But apparently i dont think writing a good piece of essay is as easy as what it seems to push myself to write more?

The endless texts and notes i've to readdd...puts me to bed. Its draining unveiling what those string of words mean. Yes its english..but still..

Oh Lord. I'm exhausted.

Been interacting with the computer more than meeting my friends.
Online business is alright, but i've quite a bit of unsold stocks.
Will put em up on Flea Market next month.
Was considering Lime Flea Market or ZOUK Flea Market for december.

Cheryl's back! But we have no time to meet up as yet. Ya.

And River Island is having 20% off for UOB cardholders. I need a pair of black skinnies.
I really love my clothes, they're too pretty to be sold but i've no more space for new ones :(