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Friday, November 23, 2007

Black Friday

I'm stressed.
I am.

Everytime when the parcel from sprees arrive, i have to think about packaging them up nicely for posting. And trips to PO make me feel so sick. Imagine having to lug them there and queue up.

Sometimes i even forgot i ordered something for myself.

Yes, its that depressing.

And i know i've to study for exams. I make an attempt to revise before i sleep. I'm guilty of spending too much time on those online shit. Entertaining customers/spreers shit as well. Asking me stupid question like when will they receive it. Fcuk. I'm not a postwoman, neither am i Singpost. Why can't they be patient and ask more intelligent questions?! Maybe im the impatient one..since i've been in this line for 2 years and i forget that newbies join this circle everyday. Lord, grant me patience and peace!

Skipped social psy lecture, went for Make & Take session at MwL. Learnt how to do embossing, new skill picked up. But the heating gun cost $49.90 and the caramel powder is $19.90. I dont mind spending that amount, investing in scraping materials.


I just bought another insurance outta my own pocket. Shouldering 2 policies now, at age 21. Thailand expenditure for next month hasnt been put aside (im intending to shop there for sure). And my leftover stocks from collections are piling up. So is my blood pressure and stress level. Buy them off me at cost price please!! Actually im intending to put them up at LIME flea market if im given a stall next month. So yes, money is making me damn damn vexed!

I think sharing my woes here is like an outlet for me. I don't really feel any better though. But i dont feel like talking to anyone on the phone either.

At the end of this post, i realise my boobs hurt and my period might be coming. Hail period, come soon and then i wont be feeling so depressed and PMSified.
Heck the guy readers. You guys shld feel LUCKY you dont have to go through this.

I shld just get back to social psy.

I'm so busy i realised i havent touched anything since 4pm. I dont feel hungry. And yet im not losing any weight. Rah!