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Thursday, November 01, 2007

Trick or Treat

I saw some 'angels' with greying wings outside Fish&Co today.

The last time i celebrated halloween was 2 years back. At Zouk. As staff, we were forced to put on gruesome makeup. But we got to wear our halloween costumes! I remembered being able to slack that night (damn packed) because nobody could recognise me as the floor staff. Ha!

Pamela came by to meet me and Saedah during break. That doll (:

Been sleeping past 3am for 2 days.
So much to do.
And im taking sucha long time to digest those notes. Args. Frustrated!
My right shoulder is aching so badly.

Angele -> ya, what happened to our study sessions! i normally go coffeebean on sundays to study. this sunday u can, or you've church commitments?

Melly -> i told dine im gg. but if u dont go then i'll reconsider. haha. damnit, i wanna go RI. But habourfront is so farrrrrr....!! Bucket is sold to a regular customer of mine, im actually happy she's gonna be the new owner (: aw, it shows you havent been meeting up with me. HAHA.