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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Happy Birthday, Edward!

Surprise surprise!

Turned funny funny.

I couldnt stop laughing O_o
Presenting to you: Children of Hougang (ed in the centre, amy, tirene, chris, me, luke, shu) Awwww....i love you all (:

PS: not all of us live in hougang AND some children missing from picture.

I gotta rant about my job at SingTel christmas fair. I WANNA DIE LA. SO HOT. STAND FOR 12HOURS. Queue for toilet cubicle also have to line up, more standing! Super shacked! My feet hurts.

Thats my small little booth. Wireless@SG. Shiok? No. I only get to sit when i have customers. Fcuk that. So near yet so far. Thank goodness its a 2 day job. Do you've any idea how warm it was today?!
Taka's christmas tree is really magnificant. Will do a post on christmas trees after my thailand trip.

Edmund Chen and Pan Lingling came by as guest star today to promote Mobtv. Tmr will be Alvin Ng and Jessica Liu. OMG. Alvin Ng. Alvin Ng!! Will try to get a good shot from my n73 (:

Really tired. Nights world.