MMS Friends

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Hello readers

Quite restrictive, esp when i keep hestitating to blog about stuff that bothers me.
Should i lock my blog again?

Anyways, i dont hate you. Just that there's nothing worthy about you as yet. Don't mind me being frank on my own bloggg.

Being in touch with my own feelings doesnt give me the right to hurt others. But i always try to put it across nicely.

Well, my classmate is in ICU. Nasty accident. Feeling weird now.

Was reading w****'s blog. I guess there're different types of loneliness. And different intensity for sure. Those typical NKF or charity shows whereby the children leave their sickly mother to live alone in a 1 room flat, thats what i call loneliness.

And its sad to learn of sucha thing happening.

Sometimes we dwell in self-pity. But we ought to pull ourselves out of it. It is because there're many other things in life worth rejoicing. That includes taking in the air you breathe now.

Over & Out.