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Sunday, November 04, 2007

Hey you, Sucka!

Dadee spotted a rainbow today (:
And because my camera is 5 years old, this photo aint too pretty.

Lil' sister, i dont understand why she sleeps like that. Heaps of blankie weighing down on her.
We've been faithfully jogging every thursday. But my stamina is not getting any better O_o
Angele companied me to TPY to collect 2 pairs of ASOS shoes from spree organiser after social psy tutorial today. Thankyou very much babe (: We had macwings meal! *delighted*
Spend, save, spend, save. Broke, save, spend, save.
Emily sis was nagging non-stop at how my online biz apparels're in her way of getting clothings out of her side of the wardrobe. Rah, cannot stand her 'singing'. So i cleared my stuff but there's still a lot lying randomly in the room.
Miss Popular Faith called me to tell me a piece of exciting news. Haha. And i think you owe us a huge juicy story, Miss Beijing :b
Was church in the morning with sis and Godma. Short prayer for Godpa before heading to Kovan for breakfast. That weird feeling everything i look at Godpa's photo.
Been doing everything except studying, so im gonna mug like hell tmr.
Kimmy -> HAHA. deserted corridoor? what're you doing there with that ninja???? *grasps*