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Friday, November 16, 2007

Lust Caution

Okie, dont read this post if you're intending to catch the show. I'm not a spoiler so im warning you in advance. HAHA.

Treated Sa'edah to this movie before school today (:

I like the show!
I like the language used, the sound of it.
Mak Tai Tai, she's superb. She took on her character damn well. And mind you, she's just a freshman in her role as Mrs Mak.
Costumes and setting. Dramatic.

But its just plain stupid for those university kiddos to plan sucha huge assassin. Its dumb how they jumped onto the back of the wagon and stood by Kuang who was overwhelmed by hatred. Brains?!

Were they scared or remorseful in the end? Do they blame Mak?
Why did Mak decided to let Yee go and have herself killed in the end?
How did Kuang and Mak feel before they were shot dead.

Sad part was when Mak had to learn the ropes of being 'seasoned' in bed. How Mak and Kuang didnt get to pursue their 'love' for each other earlier. And when Yee chose to have her finished even though they do love each other.

In drawing Yee to have an affair with her, she fell for him eventually. I dont know why she fell for him, i cannot fathom his character in the show. He doesnt talk much, but he likes to take control of situations, he cannot stand betrayal. Woman have almost no power or say in that era.

How their love blossomed.
But how can u call it love?
What did the diamond ring symbolise?

I love how they firmed the last portion of the film. Appropriate to the title. A couple of themes like patriotism, lust, power, trust etc were well covered.

Notice how they acted throughout the show; drama society, the planned assassin. So when did they take on their true identity?

Alright, shld get back to books. Tell me what u think of the show! (:

Angele -> guess im not visiting her till she's better! haha. next movie then invite u k!